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Remodeling The Master Bathroom

The master bathroom has an essential part in our lives and our house. The master bathroom can help us relax and give us a very comfortable feeling after a long day at work or even before we start the day. Sometimes, our master bathroom is old and messy, and instead of giving us comfort, it gives us stress. Imagine waking up in the morning, and when you go to your bathroom to wash your face, you see a bathroom that is very outdated; you have not started your day yet, but it is already ruined. You may want to have your master bathroom remodel, but you do not know how to start a master bathroom remodel that is perfect for you. You do not need to worry as we will provide you our experts’ recommendations to have your master bath remodel successfully.

Getting Ready

Preparation has a very important role to get the job done. With proper preparation, your master bathroom remodels will proceed smoothly. There are two main things that you need to prepare. First one is your goal, and the next one is the bathroom itself. Both of them have to be fully prepared to ensure that nothing could go wrong once the project has started.

You have to have a clear goal. This will not get you lost as you will be picturing what you would want your master bath to look like after the project. You pick the right color scheme you may want for your walls, doors, fixtures, and floors. You have to make sure that these things bring out the elegance of your bathroom. The next one is, replace those old fixtures with new ones. It is cost-efficient because the latest fixtures have energy-saving technology. After you have decided on these things, do not forget to plan where to place them in our master bathroom, we do not want your bathroom to be overcrowded.

Master Bathroom Remodel Reno

Now that you have prepared all the things, you can now prepare your bathroom. Start by removing what is currently installed in your master bathroom; this includes the flooring. If there are things broken on your subfloor, leakage, or rotten wood, replace them first. Once your bathroom is cleared from all of its past, you can start installing your shower and tub. Then, add the fixtures and features in a position where it could benefit you the most. Paint the bathroom to your liking but make sure that it brings out its beauty. Once you are done painting the walls, you may now add the cabinets and storage. We strongly advise installing the flooring when you are almost done to avoid the flooring material from breaking or having stains from paint. Add the finishing touches for your bathroom to be efficient.

Aside from these two main things that you have to prepare, there is a secondary thing. It is natural to prepare a budget for any project. An average master bathroom remodel cost about $10,000-$25,000 depending on the materials, fixtures, floorings, and features. It is essential not to prepare an exact amount to avoid any problems when the project already started.

Master Bathroom Remodel Reno


If you are still lost and wondering how to start your master bathroom remodel, set an appointment with one of our professionals. We would be more than happy to lend you our expertise for your project to have a great result because our professionals are considered one of the best in remodeling master bathrooms. They have a comprehensive understanding of remodeling any master bathroom, which means we can give you advice and recommendations to make your bathroom give its best.