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Bathtubs and Showers Reno

Are you still thinking about what to choose for the best bathtub and shower? Find out how much clearance you have to work with and what plans and finalization you want. Whatever your inclination, Bathtubs and Showers Reno has vast of attractive and functional fixtures. Bathroom Remodel Reno is the best service provider for those who wish for innovative solutions to enjoy, improve, and preserve their bathroom. We value providing excellent service to our customers. We collaborate with our clients to build a trusting relationship.

Bathtub or Shower? Or Having Them Both?

Are you still can not decide between a tub and a shower for your bathroom? Bathtubs and Showers Reno can help you have both. If what is stopping you is the lack of space, leave it to find ways to make this combination fit in a small or large bathroom. Let us make the tub-shower combo work for your bathroom.

Choose the layout

Having both shower and tub is possible with Bathroom Remodel Stockton. We can customize a shower in the tub. This layout is one of the most popular options for small bathrooms. If they will be sharing the same space, separating them is possible. We can install a glass wall dividing the spot from the rest of the room. Another smart option is to place the shower in a corner while opting for a smaller tub.

Shower door options

Planning everything can make your remodeling project more manageable. Identifying where you need to put the shower door to know whether it will interfere with the toilet or vanity is vital. If you do not aspire to use a door, Bathtubs and Showers Reno can install a simple glass wall or shower curtains to separate the tub shower area.


Another vital thing to consider when you have a two-in-one shower and tub combination is waterproofing. We can help you choose tiles, drains, and other necessary materials. Go with built-in tubs as they are much easier to install and have waterproof characteristics. We also recommend having the tiles go all the way up to the ceiling to guarantee an impenetrable wall.


Whether you have a small or colossal bathroom, you will find plenty of choices at Bathtubs and Shower Reno when it comes to the tub shower combo. If you wonder how much it will cost you to have both features, you will be surprised to know that the price is the same as installing a basic bathtub shower. Tub Shower Combo also offers the following benefits:

Can accommodate everyone

Some people instead choose a nice soak in the tub, while others opt for quick showers. If you are in a rush, showers take less time and even less water, helping you save on a huge water bill too. But sometimes, like after stressful work, you deserve to relax. You might want to draw up a nice bath. When you have two-in-one options, you can do what you want and what you need.

The Best for kids

Little children need a safe bath in which somebody can clean them conveniently. Because of young children's playful nature, it is hard to make them stand still under a shower. Having a tub is the best answer for these circumstances. Add some rubber duck or water toys to keep them in the water long fairly for you to clean them thoroughly. If you only have a shower, you can also use it to help children with their bath time. Use a detachable showerhead for easy movement and to avoid splashing their face with water.

More suitable for the elderly

The Tub-shower combo is also proper for the elderly as they can bathe more conveniently without running into any issues. Older people can have moveables issues, so it is vital to consider their concerns when installing the bathroom's bathing facilities. They might also have a hard time climbing over the tub's sides at their age and physical status, which might lead to falls and slips. On the other hand, when they use the shower, they might find it tough to stand on it for a long time. Bathtubs and Showers Reno can address all the family member's mobility issues all at once by installing a tub-shower combo. We can even put in a nice shower bench or place hand bars to make stepping on the bathtub more comfortable.