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A Guide for Choosing Your Bathroom Flooring Reno

Exceptional flooring can become the focal point of the bathroom. For homeowners who wish to have fashionable bathroom features without clutter, apply bold patterns to your bathroom floor. Before settling on the design, it is typical for creating a plan for the project. Bathroom floors should be waterproof, durable, and high quality. Learn more about Bathroom Flooring Reno expert services.

Installing bathroom flooring demands technical knowledge. The floor should be able to withstand the weight of all fixtures, and it should be waterproof. Flooring in wet areas should provide more friction to prevent slippage, which is why experts use smaller tiles for bathroom shower areas. For this reason, you must hire contractors who can follow these safety standards that will provide you comfort and convenience.

Bathroom Flooring Reno arranged a list of the various bathroom floor tiles. Check the following as your guidelines.

  1. Ceramic Tiles
    Hardened clay is the ceramic tiles' primary material coated with a liquid firm gloss to prevent water absorption. Ceramic tiles are favored for their sturdiness and are mostly installed in kitchens and bathrooms because they can withstand damp areas. It is also offhand to maintain and clean. It comes in various designs and colors.

  2. Vinyl Tiles
    Vinyl tiles are made of heated and pressurized polyvinyl chloride chips. They are comparatively more economical and have a diversity of choices. Most of these vinyl tiles are produced to resemble wood, concrete, and other floor tiles. Vinyl has a smooth and warm surface making it more convenient for feet to step on. It also requires low maintenance and an easy cleaning process. However, due to its softness, viny is frequently chosen for areas with high traffic. It can be scratched easily with sharp objects and may develop bulges as time goes by.

  3. Stone Tiles
    The main segments are marbles and other rock elements bounded together. Granite, marble, and limestone are examples of engineered stone tiles. You can pick from a broad range of options like colors, designs, and others. They are best known for their stability and are often placed in the most generally used area in the house. These types of tiles are also scratch-resistant. However, stone tiles are relatively expensive correlated to other types of tiles. These bathroom floor tiles also require a demanding cleaning process and preservation.

  4. Wood Floor Tiles
    Wood flooring makes the room feels warmer with its natural texture. It is considered a deluxe material perfect for classic bathroom designs. Wood flooring is quite versatile as it has protection against moisture and humidity. It is easy to sustain and clean and does not require cleaning chemicals. Of course, you do not want to risk staining and damages. Wood floor tends to diminish its natural color and may also stain if soak with water for quite some time. A coat is usually applied, but it has to be consistent as it may face over time.

  5. Terracotta Tiles
    Terracotta tiles are made from hardened and baked clay similar to ceramic tiles; however, terracotta tiles are brittle and porous. Red clay is also used in making the terracotta tiles; that is why they have reddish and brown colors. These tiles are not too cold. It is also not receptive to molds and other fungus invasions. Installation of terracotta tiles does not require sealing, thus making it more defenseless to breaking. Stains may also appear with these tiles because of their porous surface.

Bathroom Flooring Reno

Advantages of Tile Flooring

Floor tiles are flexible flooring materials because they work well on any floor surface. This material is often used in heavy traffic flow areas, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Tile floorings are ideal for areas that often get wet, like the bathroom. Tile for bathroom flooring has many admirable qualities but these benefits also come with opportunities. A proper understanding of how floor tiles work in your bathroom flooring significantly provides your bathroom restoration or construction project's success.

Pros of Bathroom Floor Tiles

  1. It is easy to sustain. The good thing about tiles is that it does not absorb discolorations or dirt, so cleaning it is very easy. Floor tiles are used in areas that often get wet, like the bathroom; it is recommended to use glazed or glass coated tiles. Mopping it with a damp rug is already enough to clean it. You do not need to use strong deodorizing chemicals to eliminate stains as floor tiles are stain-resistant.

  2. It is long-lasting. With the proper care and preservation, floor tiles can last up to 20 years or so. It is made to endure heavy foot traffic; unlike other bathroom floor surfaces, they get scratched or cracked upon slight contact with sharp or fallen objects. Another excellent feature of tiles is that you only repair or reinstall damaged tiles. You do not necessarily need to take away everything.

  3. It is water, chemical, and temperature insusceptible. Tile floors do not wear down when unconcealed to cleaning chemicals nor deteriorate when exposed to extreme weather. It is not needed to use chemicals to clean it regularly because it is easy to maintain. Also, tiles are flexible that can complement any weather.

  4. It is budget-friendly. With the popularity of floor tiles, you can find these in different styles, colors, patterns, and sizes at very affordable prices. You can acquire a square foot tile for around $5 to $10, but the price goes higher as the quality becomes high.

Bathroom Flooring Reno

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